Attendee Resources
TGSW: AMA, Prototyping
In this live, interactive workshop and AMA session with Dwight Gunning, Australian entrepreneur based in Amsterdam who co-founded two bootstrapped startups and was an early hire at a VC-funded growth startup. Prior to his startups he was a consultant and managed teams that delivered IT solutions for F500 clients.
TGSW: AMA, Best Practices for Incorporating your Startup
Join us for this AMA with Stripe Atlas on the best practices to incorporate your startup after Techstars Startup Weekend.

TGSW: AMA, How to apply Design Sprint in Startup Weekend
Join us for this live, interactive Ask Me Anything session about applying Design Sprint to your Techstars Startup Weekend company and product! We'll be joined by David Sandoval, Delivery Manager from iTexico to help answer your questions and get you ready for Techstars Global Startup Weekend!

Come with questions, we'll have answers!
TGSW: AMA, How to develop your product
Join us for this live, interactive workshop and AMA session with Jesse McCabe, Director of Product Marketing at Techstars. We'll go over steps to develop your product and how to get on the right product track during Techstars Global Startup Weekend.

Bring questions, we'll have answers!

TGSW: AMA, How to Get Your First Customers
In this interactive session and AMA with Revolar founder, Jacqueline Ros, learn how you can acquire your first customers. Tips for customer research, talking with users, and other practices you can adopt for your new startup at your Techstars Global Startup Weekend event were covered.

Latam Workshop - Business Model Canvas
Diego Miramontes, Country Manager de México en @Platzi, nos explica el Business Model Canvas y su utilización para la generación de un Modelo de Negocios exitoso durante Techstars Startup Weekend
TGSW Insider: Finding Your Revenue Formula
This session will help startups find, and hone in on, key activities that build revenue. The revenue formula model will help drive alignment and build a foundation to develop overall business strategy including product, marketing, sales whatever stage your business is in. This is a great alternative for those looking for a simplified approach to the Business Model Canvas.

Joining us for this session and to answer your questions is Amos Schwartzfarb, Managing Director of Techstars Austin.
TGSW Insider: What to Expect at Techstars Startup Weekend - Past Attendee AMA
Not sure if Techstars Startup Weekend is right for you, or what should you prepare for? We covered:
  • What happens at Techstars Startup Weekend
  • How to best prepare for the event
  • Tips & tricks
  • What happens after the weekend
TGSW Insider AMA with David Cohen: All Things Startup
Techstars Global Startup Weekend attendee exclusive! During this exclusive Ask Me Anything session with David Cohen, Co-CEO of Techstars we talked all things startup and getting tips from David on attending a Techstars Startup Weekend - building your team, progress over the weekend, pitching, and more!
TGSW Insider: Prototyping for Speed & Scale
Want to unlock the full potential of your design team? Need to understand how interaction, animation, and visual elements combine to shape an experience for your users? Leveraging the prototyping process you can build a realistic version of your idea, validate your design direction, and share your vision with stakeholders.
TGSW Insider: Developing your 60 Second Pitch
In this exclusive Global Startup Weekend Attendee AMA we learned tips and best practices for developing your 60 second pitch! Get you pitch perfect for Friday night at Techstars Startup Weekend.

Guest: Jenny Fielding, Manager Director in Rotation
TGSW Insider: AMA with Tallis Gomes, Founder of Easy Taxi
Easy Taxi, a Taxi hailing app, was initially presented at Techstars Startup Weekend Rio in 2011. Since then the company has rapidly grown. With 500+ employees, functioning in 30 countries, and $77M in funding it has come to be one of the largest urban mobility technology companies in Latin America. Come hear Tallis, the founder tell his story about Easy's Techstars Startup Weekend experience and rapid growth. Nowadays, Tallis is CEO and Founder of Singu, a tech startup that works with beauty and wellness on demand.
TGSW Insider: How to "Hack" LinkedIn for Connections
What helps a startup grow? Connections. Where is the best place to find connections? LinkedIn. Join us to hear two very different, but both highly effective, strategies for untapping the potential of LinkedIn. John Hill is a former LinkedIn employee and in his time as Higher Education Evangelist he implemented product features that are still available and free that you may not know exist. John now is the Network Catalyst for Techstars. Daniel Johnsen is a seasoned Techstars Startup Weekend Facilitator and shares his LinkedIn hacks with all of the Techstars Startup Weekends he facilitates.
From Idea to Investment — What it takes to fund your Dream Business
In 2011, David Klein, Mike Taormina, and Jessup Shean met as Wharton MBA students and set out to tackle one of the most frustrating areas of consumer finance: the student lending industry.

From a college campus to a booming business, join .CO for a one-on-one session with Commonbond co-founder David Klein to hear how he raised over $300M and why he thinks businesses should to be a positive force for social change.